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Privacy Policy

                           The following statements describe the privacy policy followed by
We may ask for certain information such as username, first name, Last name, and e-mail address when you register with any service. Bigknol does not share your personal information such as email-address or mobile number, we use this information to maintain and provide you the features and functionality of the service. Bigknol may receive information about you from third parties. For example Social networking sites Connect, like, linking and following. Bigknol may directly collect site analytics data or use third-party analytics and services. It will help us to collect our statistics about services. Bigknol follows traffic sources, locations, page visit and other information with Analytics. The tools collect information sent by your web browser. It helps Bigknol to build good service. Bigknol may allow third-party ad server or ad networks to serve advertisement (ads) on the services. The ad units may appear on our services that use your IP address when they do so. They may use other technologies (JavaScript, Cookies, Device Identifiers, location data, and clear-gifs ) to collect information about their ads services. Bigknol may include redirection/linking to other websites for resources or content. Articles and Resources found in domains are copyrighted to Reproducing of bigknol's content,logo, and images strictly prohibited. Redistributing of apps or source code is strictly prohibited according to bigknol's policy. Some Bigknol's articles use third-party company's logos and technology images; those are powered by respective owners. If you have any suggestions or complaint about bigknol services mail us : content is copyrighted to Bigknol and may not be reproduced on other websites.

all trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners.

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