Kotlin vs Java : Who is the next King of Android Development (2018)

(Android Developer Guide 2018)

If you are looking into a new programming language, there are many to consider and some of them are highly futuristic.

The Kotlin is one of them, It's a fantastic language for beginners who haven't tried Android development yet.

The Java programming language is still a rock star of Android development because many developers distract code in Kotlin. Why Kotlin? Why Should I use Kotlin? Personally, Is Kotlin better than Java? too many questions! All these questions will be settled.

Kotlin vs Java Who is the king

Kotlin vs Java: Who is the King?

    Java was the default language for Android development, There was another offbeat option that was C++ (NDK) but it won't help most developers who build commercial apps.

 I have published more than 20 apps on Google Play.  All published apps are written in Java. The horrendous thing about Java is its error handling mechanism.

 Here I am not going to castigate Java programming language. Java is a fruitful language I have ever learned. "A million dollar mistake" was hurting me a lot. "The null pointer exception".

  Sometimes, It is hard to figure out the errors which caused by reference. I learned from College, "Java is a professional language.

It is robust and safe". Initially, I thought I was quite good in Java programming language. Yes, that was my mistake. It's hard to touch every functionality of Java programming language.

If someone asks me to suggest a programming language for beginners, I won't recommend Java. Python, Swift, and Javascript are considerable languages for beginners.

Remember, these languages do have unique advantages for software development. If you are new to Android development you can deal with Kotlin.

Why should I Learn Kotlin for Android Development?

    Every aspect of app development is rapidly changing. The Google team announced during Google I/O 2017 that Kotlin is now an official language to develop Android apps.

This doesn't mean that Java is deprecated or demoted from the development stack. Before we diving into the features of the language, let me tell you just a little bit of background.

What is Kotlin? 

Kotlin is a programming which based on JVM. The language developed by JetBrains, a company known for building IntelliJ IDEA, an epic IDE for Java developers. The official IDE for Android, Android Studio is completely based on IntelliJ.

Importance of Kotlin 

It is a well-balanced programming language

     It can get rid of boring semicolons moreover, you have full control over your code with much less code. Kotlin has adopted some marvelous features from functional programming.

Kotlin is null-safe, you can easily figure out the null pointer exception. We can check nullity before using it.  It's an interoperable language so you can mix up Java and Kotlin code on your project.

Your App(Shopping)  = Kotlin Code (Home Activity) + Java  Code (Products Activity)

Bonus: You have an option to convert Java to Kotlin code!

Final verdict

      If you are outlining to learn Android development, and you are not familiar with Java. You can consider Kotlin as your primary language. If you know, Android development prerequisites you can dive into Kotlin+Java development.

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