Android Firebase Integration Tutorial Use Firebase in Your Mobile App

      Firebase is a set of cloud services from Google that enriches your mobile and web applications seamlessly.  Android Firebase integration makes more user engagement in different ways.


       Firebase doesn't provide legacy cloud services for mobile applications. It has come with real-time database support, holds static content for your apps, push notifications, crash reports, Google Analytics and much more.

Striking features that provided by Google Firebase

1. Real-time database
2. Authentication
3. Storage
4. Hosting
5. Remote config
6. Test lab
7. Crash reporting
8. Cloud messaging
9. Notifications
10. Dynamic links
11. Invites
12. AdMob (implementation re-defined)
13. AdWords

In this tutorial, We will discuss how to set up Android firebase development environment.

Android Firebase Integration : A quick start guide

Prerequisites for Android Firebase Development

1.  A device running Android Gingerbread (2.3) and Google play services 9.2.1 or higher.
2. Android Studio 2.0 (Personally recommend)
3. Create an Android Project (Copy package name to Notepad or somewhere else)

Step 1  Connect Firebase to Your App

Create a Firebase project, Goto Firebase Console 

Give a project name and Select Country from drop down menu.  Hit Create Project button.

Click on "Add Firebase to your Android app"

This window will ask you some information about your project. Paste or enter your package name in "Package Name" field. Hit Add App

It will generate a configuration file called google-services.json Download the file and place into your project > app > google-services.json.

The configuration file contains api_key,client info, project_info including project_number, firebase url, project id, storage bucket etc.

   Press continue to move forward.

Hit Finish button.

Step 2 Android Project Configuration for Firebase

Open your Android project, 

Project level build.gradle 

Add the following inside the dependencies 

classpath ''
App level build.gradle 

Remember : Add the apply plugin line at the bottom of the app level build.gradle file.
apply plugin: ''
Yes you are done! Now to Sync the project press the Sync Now option.

Step 3 How to add available firebase libraries to your project  

If you wish to use Analytics to your app you need to add the following line to app-level build.gradle file.
compile ''

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