Preview of Next Android Version N is Out : Bundled with Multi-window, Direct Reply notification

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Many Android users are early waiting for the next version of Android after marshmallow. Google unveiled some epic features of upcoming Android N version through Android N Developer preview. Let's see what you can see more elegant on Android N.

#1 Android N Developer APIs & Tools

Android N preview is available for developers who wish to develop an app for Android N. The next version of  Android name will be started with N, What will be the name? Nougat? Nan? The reality is only Google knows what's going on with the naming of Android.

#2 Multi-window Natively 

You will get a native muti-window feature on Android N. The feature enables developers to redefine their design pattern because the developer can able to adjust the dimension of the window. Google development team added a new attribute to Manifest called android:resizableActivity If this attribute is set to true, your activity can be launched in split-screen modes on phones and tablets.

#3 Direct Reply notification 

The RemoteInput notification API is replanted to Android N. It enables users to reply to incoming notifications quickly.

#4 Java 8 Support on Android N

Now you can use many Java 8 features to your Android N based application. (features like default and static methods, streams, and functional interfaces )


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