How to Make a Mobile App Launcher Icon 15 Minutes

Nowadays Mobile Apps play a major role in digital life so today's tutorial I am going to teach you how to make a pixel perfect mobile app launcher icon using famous vector drawing tool Inkscape.

What we'll be creating - Mobile App Launcher Icon

This tutorial will help you to create a launcher icon that can be used for any location based service mobile application.

Setting up the environment for drawing
Open Inkscape software, and create a new document 500×500 pixels to change the default size of document press Shift+Ctrl+D (File->Document Properties) Press 1 to fit into the screen.
Select the "Rectangle and Squares Tool (press F4)" and drag out a square at the canvas 500 pixels wide and 500 pixels in height. Now change the color of square to green (#008000).

If you want to remove the border from filled square image just select it and press Shift +[none button].
Once you have completed the square, next create a circle (height : 211.400) after then remove the color of the circle
(press none button ) you will get a new image like below.
The created circle border should be around 33 pixels width [To change stroke width press Shift+Ctrl+F and select Stroke Style tab] don't forget to change the border color of the circle to white [select circle press Shift + White color from color palette ].
Select the circle object and duplicate it [press Ctrl+D to duplicate, Remember the duplicated object will be hidden until drag from existing object]. Drag and drop the duplicated object to the center of the circle. Fill up the newly created circle with white color.

Draw a 'V' shaped object to circle footer edge [Choose Bezier curves (or press Shift+F6)] White color will add a glossy look to location icon.

Choose a white color from color palette after selecting the V-shaped object.

Export Bitmap in Inkscape

File -> Export Bitmap save it as ic_launcher.png .
Done! The icon can be used on a mobile platform like Android, or iOS.

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