Top Useful GitWin Windows Commands That You can Try

Git bash is a functional command line interface for executing the shell command on various platforms like Windows, Mac. Here I unveil the windows version of GIT bash formally known as GitWin. You can download git bash from the official website. Git comes with built-in GUI Tools like git-gui, and gitk.

GitWin: Linux Oriented Commands That Work on Windows platform 

$ ls
ls is a Linux command to show files in the current directory, it works in MING32 well.
Create File and Write Data 
$cat > hello.txt

I like java

//Ctrl+Z to stop and save
To show the file content
$cat hello.txt
 To clear terminal git terminal
$ clear
To show the system date
Git Commands - Windows 7
To create a git repository: Its very simple, just run git init command where you want to create a new repository.
$git init
To commit the files and changes to the repository:
$git commit -am "This is a comment"
Here -am option is focused to add all implicitly, the git commit command ends with a string which tells the initial comment.
Pushing files to remote repository
$git  push FOO master
 To reveal the status of the current directory files
$git status -s
To reveal local configuration
$cat .git/config
 You can get latest development version of GIT from current git bash.
$git clone
 Remove file from staging area
$git rm
git rm will help you to remove entries from the staging area.
To fetch something from remote
$git fetch github
How to undo changes and commits in GIT
To undo the last commit operation you done, first get the current status of repo, by issuing a command
$git status -s
 $git reset HEAD -foo.js
Undo any changes in the working directory
$git reset -hard
Tag for future references
$git tag -a ver2.0

$git tag -a ver3.0

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