Tutorial : Head First to Google Blockly Visual Programming

About Visual Programming & Google Blockly

In computing, Visual elements are very important, VPL is a programming technique that helps to make program elements graphically rather than by preparing textually. There are some graphical symbols used for describing the programming logic or flow. It reveals your programming skills visually. Blockly, Alice, Befunge, Flow, Lily (Browser based visual programming environment)and CiMPLE are famous Visual Programming Languages that are used in many projects.
Google blockly is being used by hundreds of projects as a visual development tool. The tool is efficient for education because children like graphic elements rather than textual data. The tool can be used to find the complex problems by using  graphic elements.

Google Blockly editor is invented for a new style of programming with visual influence. Blockly editor  is a web-based platform, not really a platform it's a graphical programming environment. There are many editors are available, App Inventor, scriptr.io etc. Users can drag and drop blocks to make an application. There is no typing required expect assign values. Blockly comes with some programming logic blocks that help to make a web application. It supports major programming concepts. You can see famous programming control flow, looping blocks such as if, do, etc. This Google blockly tutorial helps you to build some logic.

Striking features of Google Blockly

•    Blockly is easy to learn
•    Blockly is a library for making visual components.
•    It's simple and Flexible
•    No need high-end Programming Skill
•    Drawing is easy
•    You can export a Blockly program into JavaScript, Python or XML
•    It’s an Open Source Project

Getting started with Google Blockly 

Start visualizing your programming logic with Google Blockly

Google Blockly Video Tutorial 

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