How to Optimize Image using OptiPNG Tool

Is your website suffering from terrible loading time? High-quality images may affect server response time; because larger images take more time to load on browsers. So you can overcome this problem by using image optimization tool like OptiPNG. It's an eminent tool for optimizing PNG Image. It helps to produce smaller images without losing quality. There are several things to remember before you start with this command line tool. The compressed PNG images will increase your website speed (response time). PNG compression works in a pipeline manner. so you can reduce various parts of PNG image using this package. The viable image reduction area includes Bit Depth, Channel reduction, Color, and Color type.
How to Optimize Image using OptiPNG Tool

How to Reduce Website's Image size? 

·    Download OptiPNG Tool
Open up command prompt (Ctrl+R) type CMD locate the optipng.exe file
optipng <image file>
If you observe the above image, the actual size of the dock.png image was 544 KB, The dock.png image optimized at the level of 2.61% of the actual image.
General options
-backup, -keep keep a backup of the modified files
-clobber overwrite existing files
-fix enable error recovery
-force enforce writing of a new output file
-preserve preserve file attributes if possible
-quiet, -silent run in quiet mode
-simulate run in simulation mode
-out <file> write output file to <file>
-dir <directory> write output file(s) to <directory>
-log <file> log messages to <file>
— stop option switch parsing
Editing options
-snip cut one image out of multi-image or animation files
-strip <objects> strip metadata objects (e.g. “all”)
Optimization options:
-f <filters> PNG delta filters (0-5)
-i <type> PNG interlace type (0-1)
-zc <levels> zlib compression levels (1-9)
-zm <levels> zlib memory levels (1-9)
-zs <strategies> zlib compression strategies (0-3)
-zw <size> zlib window size (256,512,1k,2k,4k,8k,16k,32k)

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