Google Wallet India Debit Card Support : Google Play Account, App purchase Tips

Google wallet India debit card support

Google wallet is an electrifying payment method from Google.Google shows India on their wallet supported list.
Google Wallet Supported Country List. Google Wallet aims big market on online purchases. Most of the payment required Google Services use Google Wallet like Android Developer account, Chrome Extension account, etc. You can make purchases via Google Wallet using credit card or signature debit card.Google wallet supports visa, master card, American Express(USD only) and Discover (USD only). Before you go for wallet, you must have a Google account. You can add multiple credit or debit card for payment option. Google provides hassle free payment option over internet. You can make phone as wallet with Google Wallet.
Google Wallet India Debit Card Support

Google Wallet Support India
All credit cards from India are supported Wallet. Indian Debit card does not support Google wallet. I have got many queries about Google wallet debit card support. Some people say it is not possible with Google India. Its not true. You can make payment via wallet, and also you can make Google developer account for android and chrome extensions.

Google Android Developer account with Debit Card

if you are from India, your debit card should have global privilege. Indian debit cards declined for purchasing google product with checkout / wallet. If you want to purchase product / service from google, you can use entropay virtual credit card to make purchase product from google.
Google Wallet Debit card supported Banks

Wallet / Checkout Support
State Bank Of India
City Union Bank
South Indian Bank

Google wallet India debit card declined

If you are going for a Google play purchase, definitely Google asks for Google wallet login/registration. You must have bank account with debit card / credit card. You have to check the debit card is supported or not before going to make purchase in Google play. You may charge less than 5 rupees if any failure occurred during the payment method for developer account or application purchase. That means your debit card does not support it well. Google wallet may deny if you don't have sufficient funds in your account. You should have enough money in your account for purchasing.
Which devices support Google Wallet?
All phones do not support Google Wallet Service. Now Google Wallet with tap and pay service only available in the USA. The phone should have NFC feature. Google Wallet does not support devices purchased internationally. Unlocked device does not work with Google Wallet.

Google Wallet Supported Devices

·    HTC One on Sprint
·    LG Nexus 4
·    Samsung Galaxy S4
·    Samsung Nexus S 4G
·    Samsung Galaxy Note II
·    Asus Nexus 7
·    Samsung Nexus 10

Does Google Wallet Payment Method work in India?

Obviously, Not! It supports only USA, over 140,000 merchants across the United States.
Google Wallet is free Android application that comes with NFC support. Eligible devices provide rich payment method for purchases. Your smartphone acts as a virtual wallet. So you can make purchases at any contact less payment terminal using virtual version of credit and credit cards.
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