8 Reasons Why App Developers Choose AdMob as Primary Monetization Platform

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Most App developers like to make money from their apps, if you’re concerned about making money from apps, AdMob is a perfect app monetization platform.

Why should choose AdMob? A lot of people use AdMob, We will discuss about why most developers prefer AdMob for app monetization.

8 Reasons Why App Developers Choose AdMob as Primary Monetization Platform

Popularity and Service

AdMob is a best-in-class technology and powered by search engine giant Google. AdMob is powerful tool in terms of payment, RPM, and support. Google provides a strong community for AdMob. All technical issues related to AdMob are resolved through AdMob forum so you don’t worry about errors.

Cross platform feature

You can serve your ads to multiple platforms such as Android, and iOS. AdMob can be implemented through top game engines such as Unity, and Cocos2d-x.

Google Play services

AdMob is integrated with Google play services. Your app must initiate with Google play services for displaying ads. The service enables performance improvements to android apps without changing anything.

Google Analytics

You have an opportunity to set up Google Analytics for your apps. It can be set up during the process of AdMob implementation. You can analyse app’s performance by using this tool.

Trust is matter

AdMob has only trusted advertisers who come from AdWords besides your app revenue is safe and secure. The service is connected to Google Adsense program so get paid in local currencies reliably, no wire fees charged by AdMob.

Interstitial ad

Interstitial ads are a more powerful sort of ad. They are full screen ads usually appear after a certain task is completed. you can boost your app revenue with AdMob interstitial ad but most users hate full screen ads, minimal use is highly recommended.

AdMob Guide

AdMob handbook (No-nonsense guide) will help you to increase your app's user engagement. Get your copy today, you can easily figure out growth of your app with the right metric.


IAP (In-App purchase) ad is new to the platform, It is an epic way to allow users to make purchases directly within your apps.

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