5 Tips to Bring Users Back to Your App

      It is important to reach thousands of users to your app daily, boost your app visibility and re-engage existing users with some awesome tips. Usually people like updated content but sometimes app vendors cannot push updated content frequently. However, they can devise a smart plan for managing app releases and app content. The good news that you do not have to spend a lot of time to send notifications to exiting users for content refreshment and offers.
5 Tips to Bring Users Back to Your App

Bring Users Back to Your App

Here are five ways to bring users back to your app, which can re-engage users even if you don't have a lot to invest for apps.

Re-engaging app is more effective and cheaper 

#1 Update Strategy

Everybody likes fresh content; if you have a blog, regular blogging can positively help to grow traffic of your blog. In case of mobile app, you should offer frequent updates to re-engage app users. Once a month is a recommended minimum, besides each update should contain prominent features.

#2 Let's talk about – " What's New "

It's important to mark up your app is updated with new content or feature. Don't forget to highlight it on Google play store or App Store.

Let us discuss some of the best practices 

Games & Apps

  1. Chapter 3 is now open, Enjoy the new stage.
  2. Make sure you update the game to the latest version to access all new levels.
  3. Include bug fixes and improvements.
  4. New visual effects & sounds.
  5. Support for Indonesian language.
  6. Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  7. All new store items and specials.
  8. New Material Design.
Do not do
  1. New ad implemented
  2. Switched to new ad network
  3. Improved IAP
  4. Faster loading on 3G or 2G
  5. WiFi/3G is required for new version
  6. HD version out there

#3 Push notification

          Push notification is an amazing feature that can help you bring users back to your app. You can increase regular app users by using push notification feature. moreover it’s an easy way to increase app revenue with app monetization networks.

Push notification mobile
Push Message

#4 House Ads

House ad campaigns that serve ads to your app using your own inventory. AdMob does not charge for house ads.

#5 Dedicated page for your App

It’s good to launch a special page for your apps, that helps users to pick the best for their needs.

#6 Analytics

Keep eyes on the statistical data, Google Analytics offers wide variety of features including demographic data, location of new users, and traffic sources. App developers can figure out the flow of existing users.

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