10 Highly Effective Ways to Increase App Downloads

10 Practical Tips That Will Grow Your App Downloads and Store Visibility 

       We all know, making a useful app is not an easy task, developers spend a lot of time to make and test their software product. After publishing app, you might thing about sharing your app links to various social networking sites and groups for increasing downloads. You may get 5 to 10 downloads by sharing your app links. We can’t figure out the users are real or not at the beginning stage. You will not get thousand downloads even If your app is unique and epic. Where we went wrong ? Is your UI ugly ? Is your app useful ? It’s not your fault of coding or design, App marketing is an important factor after publishing your app on Google play or App Store. Here is some awesome practical tips that can increase app downloads, Let’s have a look.

10 Highly Effective Ways to Increase App Downloads

How to increase your app downloading rate?

#1 Make awesome App Description and Keywords

Why our Keywords are usually Bad?
  A good app description is needed for grabbing more audience, app description should have useful keywords. Each keyword should be relevant to your app, try to avoid copying similar app’s description keywords. Think, how to get more app downloads from meaningful description. There are many ways out there but one of the most successful is right use of app description. You should include "What does your app do", and "What are the striking features of your app " in your description besides writing about author is not a good practice. You don’t want to include multiple keywords that having similar context. Example : "An amazing camera app for making effects…" It is redefined as "Effectify Pro is an easy tool and fun way to enhance your photos… " the second pattern will give you more downloads because users need to know what they will get from your app, moreover your app name is embedded with the description.
What’s next ?
·    Translate your app description to many languages.
·    Avoid keyword repetition.
·    Capitalize important words

#2 Do App Experiments

App experiment is an intuitive approach for developers who want to hike their app downloads. Thousands of users are looking for great apps with free of cost, you can attract users by changing Google Play store Hi-Res icon (Graphics) and Localized text etc. Google offers Google Play Experiment Service for free, Developer can use this service from developer console.
How to make an experiment plan ?
·    Does your app have enough users? if so you can start with experiment.
·    Make sure that your app icons and screen shots are attractive and real, Prepare a new launcher icon, change the screen shots, and change text if needed
·    Roll out your experiment
·    Wait for 3-4 days, after that you can decide which graphics and text are best for your store listing.

#3 Know More about your App Users using Analytics

As a developer, You must know how users tackle your apps. Moreover you need to know how many users engaged with your app? User’s location, Acquisition, How get found? are important factors. Google lets you integrate Google Analytics to your Android & iOS apps.

#4 Give Updates for Your App

Google Play and App Store like frequent updates of your app, update may contain bug fixes, new content and UI changes. Usually updated apps are ranked well on Google play.

#5 Make a Promo Video

A promotional videos will say everything about your app, it’s a great way to increase your app downloads. A lot of people are getting connected to Google play or App store daily, they are really looking for great apps most people watch video of app listed on store. So make a video after testing your app.

#6 App Discovery Services

You can boost app installs with app discovery services. you need more users for monetizing your app with AdMob or Other App monetization networks. appgratis, freapp are well known services that help you boost app downloads.

#7 Make A Developer Page on Google Play

Now Android developers can able to create developer page, the page will show all created apps. Developer can also highlight a featured app it’s a simple way to promote your app.

#8 Create A Dedicated Page for Your App

A dedicated app page can improve your app visibility, create a sub domain for promoting your app, you own app store like apps.bigknol.com

#9 Use High Quality Image Assets

Try to use high quality images for store listing, users always like high quality materials.

#10 Frequent Refreshment with Notification

Tell users, your app is alive and active, integrate Google Notification service to your app to grab user’s attention.
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