30 Google Now Infotainment Voice Commands


        The updated Google Now app is very appealing, and epic. We have already seen some craziest Google Now commands and chrome browser voice commands. Now we will discuss about some legendary Google Now infotainment voice commands.

Why Google Now Infotainment Commands ?

“Google Now” is powerful voice commander that can bring a lot of stuff from the internet. New version of Google search app is really awesome and filled with the essence Google’s material design. We can figure out information about unknown things, or stuff from Google search. Have you tried voice commands instead of keywords to grab the information ? It’s time to move on. here is updated 2015 commands.

30 Google Now infotainment voice commands

Info based voice commands
Ok Google! Now go ahead

"How much potassium in carrot"
"What is the gravity of earth?"
"What is the smallest planet in the universe"
"the population of united kingdom"
"show structure of hydrogen"
"normal cholesterol level of human"
"Meaning of entrepreneurship"
"What is pyramid?"
"What is my public ip address"
"Translate thank you to German"
"who invented mobile phone"
"What is the time zone of south Africa"
"Show map of Los Angeles"
"Programs of animal planet"
"What's today's date?"
"Where am i"
"flight ai 852"
"stock price of google"
"tip for 100 dollars"
"Weather condition"
“Sin 50”
“root of 53”
“1 USD in INR”
“Did Oregon Ducks win the match”
“How much caffeine in instant coffee”
“How long can you leave leftovers in the fridge”
“Can dogs eat peppermint”
“What’s the time difference between america and India”
“What movies are playing tonight”
“Do I need an umbrella today”
That’s it, If you have more than these, please add as a comment below.

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